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Grand Rapids Pest Control


Nothing disrupts the flow of your home or office than an unwanted insect, rodent or bug. When pests find their way inside, the experienced Grand Rapids exterminators at Smitter Pest Control know exactly how to eliminate the pesky invaders. That’s why we call ourselves small game hunters.


Pest come in all shapes and sizes. Some crawl, some climb and some fly. Insects, spiders and rodents all qualify as the pests our experienced team of exterminators handles. No matter what kind of pest, the small game hunters at Smitter Pest Control carry the tools to take care of them and the experience needed to make sure no immediate return occurs.


For homeowners, we understand that an invasion of pests makes daily life more difficult. No person should sleep with bed bugs crawling around their bed, or deal with dangerous wasps and hornets flying around their property. We exterminate and reduce the chances of these intruders coming back.

Ants, Mice & Bed Bugs


When it comes to commercial entities, the knowledgeable professionals at Smitter Pest Control know firsthand that meddlesome insects and creatures halt business practices. It becomes very hard to commit to your business when colonies of ants and termites decide to claim your property. Our exterminators know how to combat pests in a wide variety of commercial buildings, including office buildings, warehouses and restaurants.


The professionals of Smitter Pest Control pride themselves on their environmentally friendly practices. Every job we do adheres to environmental codes and regulations, and we aim to reduce as many potentially hazardous chemicals from polluting the surrounding environment as possible.


For more information on Grand Rapids pest control from the experts at Smitter Pest Control, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.245.7215.

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From the early 1900's until now, our team continues to offer property owners the protection and piece of mind they need — at a great price. We get pests out and we keep them out.

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All of our technicians undergo an extensive screening process to ensure that you feel secure when we enter your home or business.

Environmentally Friendly Services

We proudly use products and procedures that keep your kids and pets safe, while always remaining mindful of the environmental impact we have on the communities we serve.