5 Household Pests to Avoid

5 Household Pests to Avoid

In addition to warmer days and sunshine, Spring tends to bring something else with it — ants, mice, flies and other household pests. These unwanted visitors accompany the wonderful warm weather and enter your home, causing numerous problems and inconveniences.

Knowing common pests and how to avoid them saves you time, money and stress. Read below to learn more about the five most common household pests and how to avoid them.


From carpenter ants to pavement ants, armies of these small but resilient bugs come out of their homes and into yours in the Spring, seeking food and shelter. Ants feed on many of the things we eat, especially when those foods contain high amounts of sugar. To ensure that they stay out of your home, always clear and clean away your food and store it in the refrigerator or tightly sealed containers.


Just the thought of spiders makes the skin of many people crawl. Commonly found in basements, garages and porches, spiders usually emerge to search for food and other insects, preventing the infestation of other insects. Common dangerous spiders in michigan include the wolf spider, jumping spider, brown recluse and black widow. A few simple tasks help keep spiders out of your home, such as keeping it clean and spraying diluted peppermint oil around the rooms, as spiders and other pests hate the strong smell of peppermint).

Stinging Insects: Bees, Wasps and Hornets

Once bees, wasps and hornets wake up and look for a place where they can lay eggs and establish their colonies each Spring. Bees and wasps sting, making them dangerous in your home and to your family. Bees enter homes through any sort of hole, therefore seal any possible entrance for bees using a metal screen or caulk. Because honey bees are an essential and endangered species, make sure to have them relocated and not eliminated.

House Flies

Typically a nuisance, house flies swarm into your home to try to find a place to lay their eggs once the weather warms up. Simple things, such as keeping doors and windows closed and will keep them out, as well as using plants such as Marigolds and lavender to repel them from entering.

Rodents: Mice and Rats

From house mice to black rats, rodents represent a serious invasion to your home and everyday life. To ensure that they stay out of your home, search out their entry and block any potential entry points. Areas such as doors, vents, and pipes travelling through wall spaces are potential entry points.

Knowing how to avoid common spring pests saves you time, money, and a hassle. Be prepared this spring and know the right practices to prevent pests from invading your home.

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