Mice, Rat and Rodent Removal

Scattering throughout your home or office, these small but hungry pests contaminate food, cause property damage and spread disease. Mice, rats and rodents create several issues when introduced to your property, but getting rid of them proves more difficult than using a standard mousetrap. Even with cats, traps and rat poison, the best solution to ridding your property of a rodent problem remains the rodent exterminator.


Mice and rats instinctively adjust to things new to their environment. Mousetraps and bait may work at first, but the rodents learn quickly on how to avoid these traps. They tend to colonize in attics, burrows, wall voids, and under concrete and porches. Once they colonize, managing the problem yourself becomes impossible. A female mouse spawns 32 to 56 pups per year, and a female rat spawns around 32 to 84 pups per year. Since rodents don’t hibernate, they like to stay inside in the winter and reproduce, so contact an exterminator immediately.


When rodents invade your home, they seek food and warmth. However, they contaminate much more food than it eats with their waste, fur and saliva. Carrying diseases, the spread illness throughout your home or office. Most rats even introduce fleas and ticks that spread to you and your pets.


Finding the entry points that rodents use to find shelter in your home often becomes a difficult task. With so many crevices and voids for rodents to hide in, it’s hardly worth it to locate the source yourself. The highly knowledgeable and experienced Grand Rapids exterminators at Smitter Pest Control know how rodents think and live. We exterminate the rodent population and prevent future rodent infestations from plaguing your home again.


Moles also classify as rodents, although you won’t find them indoors. Instead, they tear up yards and gardens by burrowing holes throughout your property. Animals and traditional methods don’t hold a candle to an exterminator when it comes to something as disruptive as a mole.


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