Steps to Pest-Proof Your Home

Steps to Pest-Proof Your Home

With an abundance of hidden cracks, holes and crevices in most homes, rodents, bugs and insects often find their way inside. Preventing these pests from invading often becomes a difficult task, but with the right procedures managing pests before a full-blown infestation becomes a sure and simple job. Closely following the steps to pest-proofing your home helps secure your home from the tiny creatures of the outdoors.

First off, seal all the opening you find that ants, spiders and other insects use to sneak in. Exiting your home from the outside world completely greatly reduces the chances of insect and rodent infestations in your home. Check the weather stripping on doors and windows and repair holes in screens.

Pests love food. Keeping food stored and sealed properly prevents the pests from feasting and making your kitchen their new home. Keep the house clean. Vacuum and sweep up crumbs and spills as soon as possible. Rinse off containers before putting them in the recycling bin, and never leave sugary food out.

Insects such as earwigs and carpenter ants thrive in moist areas. Maintain a dry home by applying caulk around tubs, sinks and broken leaks. Search for water spots in your ceiling, as bugs use these holes as entry spots.

Outdoor Bug Prevention

Holding down the fort indoors prevents insects from entering, but the battle outdoors remains important. Reducing the amount of insects also reduces the number of insects inside. This doesn’t mean you need to resort to pesticides and other potentially hazardous chemicals. Introduce birds to your property by getting a bird feeder. Birds remain the best predator to most insects in Michigan. Clean your yard regularly. Decaying leaves and grass clippings become a popular destination for many insects and other pests. Regularly raking, sweeping, and cleaning pet waste and trash prevents your yard from becoming a haven for pests.

Sometimes, a pest infestation becomes too difficult to prevent. With big pest problems, you need the help of a professional. If all else fails, contact a Grand Rapids exterminator. They have the tools and knowhow to end any pest infestation.

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