Residential Pest Control

Pests crawling and flying around your home turn your place of comfort into a place of fear and disgust. When these pests invade your home, you need immediate help to remove them before the problem escalates even further. Prevent pests from ruining your home with the help of the professional Grand Rapids exterminators at Smitter Pest Control.


If you wake up with little bite marks, or feel itchy whenever you go to bed, check under your bed sheets. An army of bed bugs may infest your mattress or furniture. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Take action and remove them with Smitter Pest Control’s bed bug exterminators.


When an army of carpenter ants infiltrate your home, they tend to stay in areas with moisture-damaged wood. These areas include sinks, wall voids, kitchens and bathrooms. With sugary foods like fruit and candies stored in most homes, carpenter ants thrive and build their colonies inside the crevices of homes all over West Michigan.


Creepy and crawling all over your property, insects like to invade and claim your home as theirs. Beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, silverfish, spiders, and sow bugs all qualify as the crawling insects our experienced exterminators eliminate. Many of these creepy-crawlies bite and leave diseases throughout the home. Avoid disease and itchy bite marks with the help from a Grand Rapids exterminator.


What’s worse than an insect? An insect with wings. A list of the flying insects our trained professionals typically exterminate include hornets, flies, gnats, moths and the dreaded mosquito.


When mice, rats or other rodents invade your home, they seek food and warmth. However, they contaminate much more food than it eats with their waste, fur and saliva. Carrying diseases, the spread illness throughout your home. Most rats even introduce fleas and ticks that spread to you and your pets.


Where you store your food often becomes a target for hungry pantry pests. Many pests live, eat and breed in pantries. Cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths, rice weevils, cockroaches and confused-flour beetles feast on grains, oats and flour, making your pantry their new favorite restaurant.


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