Safe Pest Removal

With today’s increased focus on environmentally friendly practices, many businesses make it their mission to be as environmentally sound as possible. Smitter Pest Control uses environmentally-friendly and safe pest control products and procedures and proudly remains one of the leaders of this movement.


Well before it was common, we committed to not only improving the environments our clients work and live in, but also protecting the environment we all share. That’s why we only use environmentally-friendly pest control chemicals and procedures.


It’s important to us that the pest management strategies we develop work in harmony with the natural ecology, as well as add value to health and property. When developing any pest management program, we first consider the environmental impact of the materials and treatment used in the procedure. Then, we meet or exceed the regulations concerning the storage, transportation, application or disposal of all materials.


For more information on our environmentally friendly pest control from the experts at Smitter Pest Control, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.245.7215.